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Growth processes

Life grows everywhere on our earth – in our forests, in our meadows, in the sea and along our coasts. Growing processes always continue in a soil and proceed as long as the soil makes this possible. Then growing products often form and the soil is thus changing slowly when the growing processes are in progress, which can lead to total impoverishment of the soil.

Even bodies create a soil for growing processes. In the body fluids and tissues of individuals with chronic illnesses there are growing structures, ”seeds”, from an attacking vegetation, which thrives as long as the circumstances permit. The processes of growing are almost always going on in the blood. Then the blood corpuscles change, very often forming lumps, so that the blood runs more slowly. This deteriorates the circulation through all peripheral vascular systems leading to an increasing microbiological growth in the organs.

Depending on where in the body the growing process mainly occurs, the person may experience an emerging picture of symptoms as a consequence of the sick person´s organs and tissues then being impoverished and changed for the worse, sometimes to devastation. This is a process already described in the 19th century in German and French microbiology, which has, however, not yet been described within today’s medical research tradition.

Since the late 1970’s Dr. Enby has carried out research on the nature of illness under private management with a view to understanding and explaining the phenomenon chronic illness. What is actually the cause? Could the symptom pictures at different illnesses be traced back to a common denominator?

For more than 20 years Dr. Enby has deepened this theory through blood microscopy and blood analysis of thousands of patients with all kinds of chronic diseases. The research work confirms that most of the so-called chronically sick have growing structures in blood and solid tissues not described earlier in the modern medical research. The discoveries are controversial but have increased the understanding of the origin and development of the illnesses and made it possible to arrive at a better decision when choosing, what seems to be, effective therapies.

The established medicine has not yet accepted the research, neither has it been able to prove it wrong. The research work will in all probability change the approach to illnesses. It is, however, still in its initial stage and what is presented here is maybe only the tip of an iceberg!

Dr. Enby is a lecturer in demand and has published his research work in eight papers presented on this home page.



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